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Welcome to the ‘Maths Zone’, a web page dedicated to supporting the learning of numeracy concepts. The aim is to continually evolve the information on this part of the school website and a key part of that involves you! Please let us know of any ideas that you would like to see or have access to.

Our Calculation Policy

The calculation policy we have at Haylands helps to understand the ‘stages’ of understanding of the 4 main ‘operations’ in maths i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The aim is to get children through to the latter ‘stages’ (which are more efficient) as they develop through school. The 4 operations of the calculation policy can be found below:

progression framework addition

progression framework division

progression framework multiplication

progression framework subtraction

Times Tables

Try the games on these websites to help you to learn those really important multiplication facts.

This link will take you to a handy booklet which you can print out to help you to learn your tables

Maths – Individual times tables booklets 1-12 – FORMAT2

Get practising!

Do you know your Times Tables?

Haylands Primary is challenging every child to know their times tables and associated multiplication and division facts.

Knowing their times tables gives children a firm foundation in mathematics, builds confidence and is an important building block for other Numeracy topics taught in school.

Ultimately, we want the children to know their times tables ‘off by heart’, to have instant recall of both multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12 and to have a firm understanding of what multiplication is.

How to win your star points for knowing your way around multiplication tables up to 12:

1 star point: can recite a times table in order (demonstrated on 3 occasions).

1 star point: can answer 5 questions (out of order) without error on a times table (demonstrated on 3 occasions).

2 star points: can answer 10 questions, including division facts, without error on a times table (demonstrated on 3 occasions).

3 star points: for being a multiplication tables king/queen and able to do the above with all times tables from x2 to x12!

General maths websites

The below are links to websites that we use to help support numeracy learning. Some include games while others provide visual modelling to help understand a particular concept.

An interesting website for you to access, helping your child to learn a variety of mathematical concepts to music

This website is widely used and has sourced the internet for a variety of games that help practice skills across a number of maths concepts:

A well known website from the BBC for general support:


If you type ‘ghammond’ into youtube there are a wealth of clips on past paper questions that talk you through the strategies and solutions:

Maths Mastery

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