We provide a wide range of activities after school, thanks to the generous support of staff, parents and volunteers.

Not all the Clubs run all the time so please make further enquiries.

  Carnival Club  
Breakfast & after school club
  Sewing   Board Games Club
     Community Club

If parents would like to share a hobby or skill with the children, we would be delighted to hear about it.

Guitar Club (Monday)

 Guitar club is held every Monday from 3 – 4pm with a private tutor, Graeme Barker and assisted by Mrs Clarke.
The cost is £5 per week (paid termly in advance.)

You learn to play songs from the very first lesson. Mums and Dads are welcome to join too! Anyone can come along.
It does help if you have your own guitar but we do have a few that we can lend out.
It’s at a gentle and easy to understand pace and includes song sheets for you to keep and practice with at home.
If you would like any more information, please phone Graeme on 853172.

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Computer Club (Monday’s)

The aims of Computer Club are to continue with, encourage and enhance the computer and multimedia skills and enthusiasm which the children demonstrate during school hours.

The Club activities alternate between elements of programming and the use of Microsoft Office and Google Docs. The current theme is always listed at the time of booking. Keyboard skills and eSafety are always included.
Because of the nature of this club it is usually restricted to KS2 but will always be extended to KS1 when the topic allows.

What is encouraged is the continuation of Class Topics and Projects, homework and the enthusiasm of helping others. Club members have the potential of becoming Class Champions.

Children without a home PC or Internet connection are especially welcome to apply.

Where a child has a particular interest in software or hardware, then these areas can be explored on a one-to-one basis where possible.

Other activities can include:-
Plotting of children’s height charts (data)

Own website design and construction
Use of video and digital cameras
Use of sound recording equipment
Editing of video and sound files
Creating greeting cards
Undertaking own projects
Wider examination of computer software and hardware
Introduction to programming (Scratch, Kodu and Lego design)
Use of electronic construction kits and programmable toys
Introduction to Robots

Design of screensavers
Design of desktop background images
Word searches

There is a £5 charge for each half term and up to 12 children can attend on each of the Club days.
A waiting list is maintained where sessions are over subscribed.

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Gardening Club (after school)
Gardening Club takes place on a Tuesday, after school, from 3pm to 4pm.
Throughout the year both KS1 and KS2 will have the opportunity to join Gardening Club.
This year we have been busy growing lots of tomato plants, sunflowers, lavender and cosmos flowers.

The key aims of Gardening Club are to:

  • encourage children to develop a lifelong love of gardening
  • develop their understanding of how plants grow
  • create an attractive and sustainable garden using organic methods
  • help promote a healthy and active lifestyle
  • encourage healthy eating

Among some of the activities which the children will participate in are:

  • planting seeds in our polytunnel
  • watering the plants
  • collecting seeds
  • planting bulbs
  • recycling garden waste using our compost bins

There are always plenty of jobs to keep us busy!

Country Dancing

Held on Wednesday’s between 3pm – 4pm.
This Club is open to KS2 children with a group maximum of 24.

The aims of the Club are to provide an introduction to Country Dancing, learning a variety of different dances, building up to performing at the annual Haven Street Dancing Festival in
June each year.

There is a £5 charge for each full term and all children must wear plimsolls for each session.

Festival costumes will be provided.

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Football Club

The main aims will be to improve the skills and techniques of every child attending.
Hopefully every KS2 child in the team will have an opportunity to represent the school during the coming season. We will be trying to keep all sessions constructive and fun.

If anyone would like to donate football boots or shinpads that are too small or no longer used, these would be greatly appreciated to help those children without them.

Any queries, please contact the school office.
Thanks to all.

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Board Games Club
Held on Tuesday’s after school (3pm – 4pm) the club is open to Years 1, 2, 3 & 4 with a maximum number of 20 members. There is a £5 charge for each full term.

The aim of the club is to enable children to play board games together, with children from different year groups and children that they might not usually play with. It will help them to develop skills such as turn taking, simple calculations, understanding that the fun is in the playing and not just the winning.

We hope to have a selection of traditional games that will include Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, draughts, Junior Monopoly and perhaps some more unusual games like Mancala.

If some games prove particularly popular, there is the possibility of organising some mini tournaments.

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Haylands Primary School in the Community
Community Club visited residents of Highfield Nursing home to begin a series of joint activities that will help to develop relationships between young and elderly people.  The children enjoyed sharing information about their favourite TV programmes, sports, foods etc and the elderly people in many cases gave information about themselves.  The club hopes to bring games, singing and conversation to the elderly people.  It was the idea of Harry who sang Christmas carols at the home last year.

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Sewing & Cushion Club
The aims of this club are:

  • to give the children the experience of using different textiles and materials
  • to explore different sewing techniques both by hand and sewingmachine
  • to be able to read and follow a pattern from start to finish, choosing suitable fabrics and accessories to make the end product.
  • to have a better understanding of the resources around us and how we can use them

The children write:
On Friday after school a club takes part in Mrs Clarkes class called ‘Cushion Club’.
The aim of this club is to make as many cushions and chicken door stops as you can, to sell at the Christmas fair.
Our cushions and chicken door stops will be available  for you to buy for about £7 – 8.

To get into the club you have to pay £5 and takes part in year 6 classrooms.
We have enjoyed finishing our pillows and starting our chicken door stoppers.

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