Characteristics of Effective Learning

Playing and Exploring – Engagement

Finding out and exploring

Playing with what I know

Being willing to have a go

I am curious about objects, events and people

I pretend with objects

I initiate activities

I use my senses to explore the world around me

I represent experience when I am playing

I seek challenges

I engage in open ended activities

I pretend to be someone else when I am playing

I have a ‘can do’ attitude

I show particular interests

I act out things with my friends, family and teachers

I take risks, engage in new activities and learn from ‘trial and error’

Active Learning – Motivation

Being involved and concentrating

Keep on trying

Enjoy achieving what I set out to do

I can focus on an activity for a period of time

I keep on trying when something is challenging

When I meet a goal I am satisfied

I find some things fascinating

If something is difficult I try harder and try different approaches

I am proud of how I do things (not just the end result)

I am not easily distracted

I bounce back after activities

I enjoy challenge for my own sake, not just for praise and rewards.

I pay attention to details

Creating and Thinking Critically – Thinking

Having my own ideas

Making links

Choosing ways to do things

I think of ideas

I notice patterns and make links between experiences

I plan how I will solve problems and I make decisions

I find ways to solve problems

I make predictions

I think about how well my activity is going

I think of new ways to do things

I test my ideas to see if they were correct or not

I change how I do things sometimes

I think about grouping, sequencing and cause and effect

I think about how well my approach worked

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