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‘Setting Goals’

We learnt about the story of Sam and his Dad, who was running  marathon. Sam learnt that winning is not everything and how his Dad had actually set his goal to achieve a personal best time. We also discovered the work of Beethoven who set his goals despite obstacles e.g. the fact he was deaf!

‘Saying Sorry’

This assembly focused on the importance of showing that we are sorry when wrong choices have been made. Some pupil volunteers act out some scenes and the rest of the school have to decide whether the stories showed someone being truly sorry and acting on it.

‘St Patrick’s Day’

We explore the meaning and history behind this tradition. The Powerpoint below was used to highlight the background of the man himself, together with how people around the world celebrate.

Haylands Saint Patrick


We use the Winter Olympics as inspiration for our assembly on dreams and aspirations. We looked at some BBC clips which highlighted life skills such as keeping the effort up until the finish line e.g. those ski cross athletes who fell and the one who stretched out their arm to claim silver! We also celebrated how dreams can be achieved despite limited resources e.g. Lizzy Yarnold in the skeleton who committed to her dream only a few years ago, with no skeleton run in the UK, and look what she achieved!

Ryde Inshore Rescue

Ryde Inshore Rescue give us assembly presentations of their work. The school gets involved with ‘wear something orange’ days to help raise awareness of the vital job the service provides.  You can find out more about this organisation by visiting…


We look at the importance of ensuring we dispose of our litter responsibly. We learn of  some poor animals that get trapped in dropped litter and also learnt how long it takes for certain materials to break down e.g. 10 years for a newspaper and NEVER for plastic! If we as individuals can play our part through right choices, then we as a community can make the world a better and safer place. We use this poem:


The world is full of rubbish
I see it all around
Strewn along the pavements
And scattered ‘cross the ground
It hangs on outstretched branches
Like washing on a line
Dumped into the river
Oh, aint it such a crime
You’ll find it in the gutter
Amassed around the trees
Tangled in the hedges
And carried by the breeze
Blown around like tumbleweed
You’ll find it everywhere
It wraps around my feet
Then flies into my hair
So if you are responsible
For putting it about
Shame on you because its clear
You’re just a litter-lout!
And hence, my friend, I ask you
What should we do with it –
Put it in the dustbin
But make sure it will fit
Methinks the time is coming
To take my final bow
Terminate this nonsense
And end it, stop it now

New Year Resolutions

This week we looked at the story of a young boy who wanted to make resolutions but always seemed to fail. We learned that he could use tricks to help him, including writing his resolutions down and pinning them up so he could see them every day. We also talked about how we sometimes need to break big goals into small manageable chunks, just like we do in our learning goals!

St Andrew’s Day 

This week we looked at this special day, celebrated in Scotland (and elsewhere!). See the below Powerpoint for what the children looked at today. A house quiz followed the presentation. Ash and Rowan were the winners! Well done.

Assembly_-_The_Story_of_St_Andrew (for Haylands)

 ‘Anti-bullying Week’

This week we watched a clip to remind us of what bullying is. Then we moved onto a clip about a London school who use ambassadors to promote positive interactions between pupils and eradicate bullying. We suggested that we are all ambassadors and have a responsibility to make the right choices in making bullying less of a problem in our school. The following is a link to the clip:

‘Healthy Snacks’
This week we introduced the assembly by looking at a clip about Harvest, which then led into a presentation about food and healthy choices. This was to encourage children to think about their food choices for breaktime snack and their lunchboxes. Here is the assembly…



The 26th September is ‘European Languages Day’ which celebrates the variety of dialects we have around the world. Mr Wilde led an assembly which looked at different ways of saying ‘hello’ (see the attached Powerpoint below). We had a house quiz which was won by Silverbirch and then finished with a poem about diversity, celebrating the fact that we are all different and unique…

If All the Trees Were Oaks
What if all the trees were oaks,
How plain the world would seem;
No maple syrup, banana splits,
And how would orange juice be?
Wouldn’t it be a boring place,
If all the people were the same;
Just one color, just one language,
Just one family name!


If the forest were the world,
And all the people were the trees;
Palm and pine, bamboo and willow,
Live and grow in harmony.
Aren’t you glad, my good friend,
Different though we be;
We are here to help each other,
I learn from you, and you, from me.

—Author Unknown

European Languages Day Powerpoint

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