Return to school

We are very happy to see children returning to school in stages.
This video is to help you to prepare for some of the changes you will meet.

And here is what the children have been saying.

When I go back to school, some things will be the same and some things may be different.

Things that will be the same
The school building
The adults who work at school
I will wear my school PE kit

Things that might be different
Not all of my friends will be at school at the same time as me. This is ok.
My day might be shorter and I may not go to school every day. This is ok.
The way I travel to school might be different.
I might be in a different classroom to the one I am used to. My teacher will show me where to sit. This is ok.
Playtimes will be different and I won’t be able to chat with children in the other class groups. Lunch will be different, too. I will be in the classroom. This is ok.
Sometimes change makes us feel worried or sad, that’s ok.
Everyone feels worried sometimes.
If you are worried you can tell someone who cares for you, a teacher or teaching assistant or your parents. They will listen to you and help you to be less worried.
At school, I will need to follow school rules and some new ones, too. This will keep me safe and the other children safe and my teachers safe.
I will have to practise social distancing – giving people space when it is possible.
It will feel strange because I cannot hug, high five or touch anyone who does not live in my house. This will be hard to remember. But I will be reminded kindly by the adults in school.

I will need to wash my hands more often and for 20 seconds. This is very important.
I won’t be able to share my things, or bring toys in from home.
I will need to have my own water bottle. And because it’s the summer, I will need my hat and sun screen.
All children need to go to school to learn and practise new things.

It is good to go to school!

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