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Driving Meal Numbers

Sarah FretwellHi, my name is Sarah Fretwell and I am a Senior Public Health Practitioner here at Chartwells based on the Isle of Wight.  My remit is to raise the universal free school meal uptake across the Island and to develop a nutritional training programme that will support a shared responsibility for food in school.  I cover the Isle of Wight, East Sussex and West Sussex.

“Eat Right Stay Bright” School Food Champion Programme was created and I am enjoying the challenge of developing school food initiatives across the Island Schools.  (Putting Fun  Back into Food ).  To support the introduction of universal free school meals on how school food can tackle obesity, child poverty, tooth decay and deliver local health and education outcomes priorities, giving people choices that are easy and affordable.

Our mission is to promote wellbeing and create environments where individuals, families and communities can feel informed, empowered, healthier and happier.

Some of our Healthy eating value initiatives:
Healthy Eating/Oral Health Workshops.
Healthy Eating Roadshow with promotional stands and activities.
Eat well plate food groups/understanding labelling workshops.
Change4life Sugar Swaps workshops.
Chef demos/Recipe ideas.
Cooking classed workshops.
Promotional fun days.
Parents/coffee morning workshops.
Supporting national curriculum workshops.
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