School Dinners

Statement from Chartwells

Chartwells have listened to the schools feedback regarding the new menu.
Everyone knows that sugar reduction is one of the main Government aims to bring down childhood obesity and we as the educational contract catering company, have to follow certain guidelines.

This in place, and with listening to you, the following changes will be happening:
Week 1
Monday’s dessert will be Apple Crumble and Custard – Fruit based pudding. Friday’s dessert will be replaced with a new improved fruity bar.

Week 2
No Pizza served. Monday’s menu will now be Pasta Pack’s Cheesy Bake or Mediterranean Tart.

Week 3
Veg Power pizza will be replaced with Mozzarella, Pepper and Pineapple Pizza. Tuesday’s dessert will now be Fruity Delight – fruit based pudding. More vegetables will be introduced across the 3 week cycle.

This will commence as with immediate effect.

Autumn Term Menu

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