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Files and documents for Parents and Guardians Activities for children


Files and documents for parents and guardians
Practising Spellings
Here are some games or ideas you could use. Why not try a different one each night to keep it fun and interesting?
January 2018
Leave of Absence Form February 2018
Parents in Touch – the education and information site for parents.
Do Try This At Home
Activities that promote positive attitudes to learning
January 2018
The Parent Portal
Information to help you support your child’s journey through Primary School.
January 2018
Educational activities for children
Spelling Activities
It has been found that children learn to spell better, quicker and more easily if they are given short but fun activities on a daily basis.
An on-line International mapping resource similar to Google Earth without the need to download. Accepts postcode searching.
Ordnance Survey
On-line geographic and mapping games. Jigsaw puzzles too.
Woodlands Junior School
This school hosts a lot of educational activities.
Crayon Physics
Very popular with the children in school. A simple and engaging programme. Please follow the download link (5.6Mb).
A challenging on-line numeracy game.
An interesting exercise in mouse co-ordination.
Multiplication tables
A single printable sheet of the 1-12 timestables, or hide the answers to test yourself.
BBC Schools (4-11 years)
Look through these subjects, including Numeracy and Literacy, for on-line activities.
On-line Numeracy and Literacy activities
A useful collection of activities worth exploring.
On-line and downloadable educational activities.
Including numeracy, literact, space, typing and programming.
Curriculum on-line activities
Take a look at the ‘mountain’ of on-line resources made available by this Primary School. Click on the curriculum subject of interest, i.e. Numeracy, Literacy or ICT. Very detailed and something for every age group.


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