Year 4 PGL 2017

Day 1

After settling into our cabins (and sneaking quite a few sweets in quickly!) we got straight into the activities – bouncing down the abseiling walls, jumping like Tarzan on the trapezium, scaling the indoor climbing walls and zooming round on quad bikes.
Kids are having a fab time already and can’t wait to try the dinner selection.

Day 2

Good morning!

Children all up bright and early (some more easily than others!) ready for a 7am breakfast of bacon, eggs, beans, toast, cereal, fruit etc.
Thankfully a sound nights sleep from everyone – even the staff managed to be in bed by midnight after all 9 cabins fell silent.
Today will see us doing a full range of activities and we are looking forward to busting some moves on the dance floor this evening – especially Miss Pope!
All in all, 53 happy campers 😁

Very tired after a jam packed day of fun.
The children have enjoyed orienteering, quad biking, problem solving, the giant swing and abseiling.
Finished the day throwing some groovy moves at the disco – staff and children alike.
Heading back to the cabins where we will hopefully get straight to sleep. Fingers crossed.
Two more activities to do tomorrow before heading home.

Day 3

After another early breakfast, the happy campers are all packed and ready to go. We all have two final activities to go before we have lunch then depart.

After a rather tricky packing mission, the children went off for their final two activities – some rode the giant swing and zoomed round on quad bikes (with a few crashing!) some had problem solving and orienteering and others had the abseiling wall to accomplish.

All back home safe and sound now. Hopefully they will be full of fantastic stories that they will share with you.
The staff would like to say that it has been an absolute privilege to take our Year 4 children on their first residential trip. To see them laugh, challenge themselves, achieve things that they never thought they would be able to, and to see the support and care that they showed to each other, was such a pleasure. Now for a hot bath and a cosy bed!!

The children have been such a true pleasure to take and will have taken home some tremendously happy memories. We ❤️PGL 😁

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