Year 6 London Trip

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

After a ferry delay we boarded the catamaran and bounced across the Solent. Our coach was ready to greet us. After a million “are we nearly there yet?” questions, we arrived at the hotel to drop off bags and go to the toilet. From there it was a ten minute walk to the Victoria and Albert museum for lunch and a Greek Art and Architecture workshop. The sun is trying to break through. All well and smiling! 

Everyone safe and happy at the Natural History Museum
The children are having a great time.



All safe and well and ready for the theatre…..

Now on the coach on our way to the hotel.
The children thought Matilda was amazing!! All quite tired but in good spirits.
There are no concerns.
We have been busy and the children have no idea of events other than our itinery.
This is the trip they have been looking forward to and are expecting. They are in very safe hands.
All safe in beds and almost everyone is asleep.
Good night xxxx

Thursday 23rd March 2017

Some wide awake – others needing a bit of a prod!
All enjoying a good breakfast after a good nights sleep.

On the coach seeing lots of sights. Unfortunately HMS Belfast is closed for maintenance today so we are heading straight to another museum to get more time there.



Just about to get on the London Eye

All the children loved the Eye!
Goodbye London.
Thank you for the  memories we made.


Heavy traffic on the return journey meant they missed the ferry they were aiming for, but caught the next one.
Everyone now safely back on the Island and handed back to family.
Lots of stories to tell.

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