Year 6 London Residential Trip

Day 1

Y6 residential - Science Museum   Y6 residential - Science Museum

We’ve arrived safely and are at the science museum finding out about balanced forces with Sir Isaac Newton!!
All children well and happy.

Day 1 outside The Albert Hall

We’ve had a great time at the science museum where we met Sir Isaac Newton who spoke to the children about forces. We then spent time at the Launchpad where the children enjoyed a really hands on science experience. The favourite display was one where we could play music through our teeth.

Arriving at the Premier Inn was exciting as some lucky children have the luxury of a double bed to sleep in tonight. Premier Inn HotelAfter a quick change into our smart clothes we’re off out to dinner and then on to the theatre to see ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.
Charlie1.jpg Charlie2.jpg

As this is written, it is the interval of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Everyone enjoying a spectacular show and have all earlier dined well on the never ending supply of pizza.
We managed a quick visit to Covent Garden and enjoyed some street entertainment before taking our seats at the theatre.
Everyone looks lovely in their theatre clothes although a few eyelids are dropping!


Day 2

After an amazing show last night which everyone thoroughly enjoyed we made our way back to the hotel passing some famous landmarks along the way. The boys oohed and aaahed at the Ferraris that we saw!
We were in our rooms by 11pm and almost everyone had settled down by 11.30pm although some giggles were still heard after midnight.
At 7am the staff woke the bleary eyed travellers much to their dismay.  Breakfast at the Premier InnAt 7.30am the girls went down to the first sitting of breakfast – the muffins were a huge hit and the girls tucked in to a good feast. Big BenThe boys arrived at 8am. Packed lunches of sandwiches, drinks apples and biscuits were ready for our collection.
We are looking forward to our River Cruise as there are D-Day celebrations happening on the Thames and so we should see some spectacular sights.

Everyone has been well behaved and there are lots of smiley faces.
Thames cruise Thames cruise Ready for the Thames cruise Big Ben Thames cruise Thames cruise Thames cruise Thames cruise London Eye Thames cruise Thames cruise Thames cruise Thames cruise Thames cruise Thames cruise Thames cruise Thames cruise The Shard Thames cruise Thames cruise

12:00 noon – In a queue for the London eye. It’s hot and sunny but sun cream has been applied. Having a great time.
London Eye1 London Eye2 London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye

Lunch in the Park Lunch in the Park Lunch in the Park  Lunch in the Park

3.30pm – Just finished the backstage tour of the theatre, Drury lane. Wow!
We had a lively tour through the theatres history, told to us by some very colourful characters. It was very informative and amusing.
Drury Lane1 Drury Lane2

On the coach now having given everyone a drink. See you all soon
Journey home

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