Year 3 Presents “Civis Romanus”

Year Three performed the Roman Musical Play Civis Romanus! written by Sara Ridgley and Gavin Mole.  We hope you will enjoy looking at the photographs of ‘The Cast’ below.
Civis Romanus! – “I am a Roman citizen” was a proud boast in the first century A.D.  To be a citizen of Rome was to be a part of the great Roman Empire.

The city of Rome was founded about 2,750 years ago.  The Romans became the most powerful people in the ancient world and in A.D. 43, The Romans invaded Britain!

In our play, we travelled back to Roman times to meet the citizens of Rome, their slaves and the Roman Emperors.  Next, we were introduced to some homesick Roman soldiers and their families who were waiting for them to return to Italy.
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Then we travelled over the sea to Britain, where Queen Boudicca led the Celts in a rebellion against The Roman invaders . . .  and helped by a school teacher and her clever class, we discovered a lot of interesting facts about Hadrian’s Wall and some key dates!   We enjoyed learning to perform the songs in our play, which has helped us to remember so much about life in Roman times.

Well done to all the children who took part in our production of Civis Romanus!
We hope you enjoyed the photographs of ‘The Cast’.  Thank you to all the parents who provided these lovely costumes.

With special thanks to Mrs Taylor and Mrs Wraxton for all their help and support ~ from Miss Audley and Mrs Hall.

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